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The terms and conditions found here apply to all courses purchased through the following training schools and academy’s 

1- The NLP Coaching Company

2 – The Life Practice UK

3 – The Life Practice Online Academy.


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 Use of Websites


All bookings are subject to the terms and conditions found here. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with our t’s and c’s and if in doubt call our head office on 01462 431112 prior to booking. When you book a course you enter into a contract which is subject to certain conditions and restrictions outlined below. We assume by perusing our website and making a written or verbal approach to our academy you accept our terms and conditions found here.

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions from time to time so advise you to regularly check our website to ensure you are up to date with any changes.


1. Your Financial Commitment – Face to Face and Online Courses.

We thoroughly recommend you complete a full personal financial health check and ensure you have at least 6 months salary as a reserve to act as an emergency fund should any unforeseen problems arise such as illness, redundancy, etc.

We recommend you have this emergency fund in place prior to booking any course with us, especially for online and international students, as the third party Teachable payment gateway do not offer a cancellation policy or payment holidays. If in any doubt please call us on 01462 431112 to discuss prior to booking to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

We reserve the right to add modules to your selected course, after you have enrolled but will always give you the option to include this in your existing course syllabus or not depending on your preference. We guarantee to write to you within 4 weeks of any changes.

As we are an International Academy and many students book courses over the telephone the contract between us commences when you request a place on a specific course and we accept your request and confirm your place. This can be a verbal agreement during our pre course 121 student / tutor course consultation, over the telephone or by written confirmation, or direct booking through the website. We comply with UK cooling off periods and allow 14 days cancellation from the moment the contract came into force between us.

Where students have entered the course and began studying and then subsequently change their mind we are unable to give refunds. If this happens within the cooling off period an admin charge of 500GBP per module will be charged to cover admin, cancellation charges, student place recruitment and the course materials accessed during this period. Where this is unclear only 1 module fee will be charged. Where you have completed a face to face course these t’s and c’s are reflected in the corresponding sections within the terms and conditions.

2. Payment Plans

We offer Free Payment Plans – Course Fees can be split over 12months, no extra charge. We do ask for a payment agreement form to be signed to confirm you can afford the payments and will make them on the dates due. Where a delegate chooses our free payment plans we do ask for a direct debit or standing order to be set up for the payment term along with a signed payment agreement. We collect a 25% deposit and split your payments free of charge up to a maximum of 12 spread over 1 year. Upon booking we collect your 25% deposit plus 1 payment and then the rest monthly. Course certificates will not be issued until the delegate has completed their Payment Plan term in full. Where payments are not made in full on the date due we will issue 2 reminders and you will incur a 50GBP admin fee which will be added to your course statement. If payment is still not forthcoming we reserve the right to pursue the debt with appropriate third parties. We would always recommend you talk any financial problems through with us as we will offer as much support as se can within the terms of our terms of business. If in any doubt please call 01462431112 to discuss before committing to any financial commitments prior to committing to any of our programmes.

3. Course Prices

Course prices were re issued on 1/3/19 and over ride any previous pricing structure or previous published pricing including early bird , bulk booking and full course prices. The NLP Coaching company reviews its prices regularly to ensure are courses offer value for money and are in line with competitors and market conditions. We reserve the right to alter prices at our own discretion.

Course Prices – Promotions

The NLP Coaching Co reserve the right to change course pricing with reference to course promotions and various early bird discounted periods. The price you will be asked to pay will be current at time of booking and may change post booking subject to availability. Once receipted your price is guaranteed and will not change.

4. Course Venue

We run our courses from the following venues.

  • Life Practice Head Office. Hitchin Herts

5. Length of our Courses

  • NLP Practitioner – Our scheduled face to face courses last 6 days – 50 face to face training hours.
  • The Integrated NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching Diploma The full diploma lasts 20 days and includes 600 training hours with 190 face to face split over 4 modules and delegates can chose which modules they wish to attend and over how long they wish to complete the modules. Scheduled to run over rolling weekends commencing May 2017, entry dates 27th May 2017, 23rd Sept 2017 , 27th Jan 2018, 26th May 2018. Scheduled Course dates published on website
  • The Hypnotherapy Professional Practitioner – 7 consecutive days – 70 hours face to face training, 110 hours correspondence study.
  • The Hypnotherapy Bridge Foundation Diploma – 25 hours, 3 days face to face training. 60 hours pre course work.

6. How to book a course

You can book direct from our website. In addition you can email us at or call our booking team on 01462431112. We will forward you our short course application form and payment agreement if you are paying using our free payment plan. Once completed and returned together with course payment or minimum of 25% deposit we will confirm your place on the course. You can also book direct on our website by pressing the “Buy Now” button which will automatically reserves your course place for a deposit of £450.00.

7. Accommodation

Your accommodation is not covered under these terms and conditions outside of our agreed delegate room rate. You are responsible for your behaviour during your stay at the Sun Hotel and you must settle any outstanding room bills prior to your departure. Any complaints from the hotel staff about any of our delegates will be investigated in full. If you mis behave during your stay you may be asked to leave the course and will not receive any refund of course fees if you leave due to your own behaviour.

8. Payment Terms – as of September 2015

Payment in full must have been received by us as cleared funds 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the training course booked. Failure to do so will result in the refusal of delegate access to the training course booked. Company invoices rendered are for settlement within 30 days.

The NLP Coaching Company retains the right to withdraw certification at any time after the course, if payment terms are not adhered to.

If you run into financial difficulty we may offer a payment holiday. Each case is considered on a case by case basis. Please enquire if you feel you need payment assistance. This only applies to outstanding monthly fees being paid by payment plan.

9. Cancellation & Refunds

We recommend you read and understand our Terms of Business prior to booking onto any of our courses. If in any doubts please call us for clarity on 01462431 112. We offer and recommend a free pre course consultation to answer all your questions and give you the opportunity to meet us prior to you booking on any of our courses. As we run small intimate courses the following cancellation policy apply’s to avoid late cancellations and allow our courses to always run when scheduled to.

The NLP Coaching Company’s refund policy follows the Consumer Contracts Information Regulation 2013 for cancellations.

For all our face to face scheduled courses the following conditions apply

  • Where at least 6 months’ notice is given and a valid reason is given we offer a 100% refund less deposit paid.
  • When at least 4 months’ notice is given with a valid reason we refund 50% minus deposit.
  • Where 3 months or under is given no refund is given, this is done solely to protect remaining courses delegates as we teach in small groups and this allows us to continue with the course when students cancel last minute.
  • We do not offer a refund policy on any of our online courses outside of the 14 day cooling off period.
  • We do not offer refunds or part refunds to students that wish to discontinue their training with us part way through an online or face to face training.

Please note the above cancellation policy does not apply to students that have changed  of deferred their course training dates

For scheduled courses and training the NLP Coaching Company Ltd does not offer refunds once you have been confirmed on the course and have paid the deposit, however where appropriate we will make every effort to secure you a place on a future training course. To do this course fees must be paid in full and will be subject to a 150.00GBP course transfer fee.

Where multi course parts and modules are booked at the same time the cancellation period begins on the first day of booking for the first course for all courses.

Where you decide you wish to change your course training date we will aways try and accommodate your request subject to availability on your chosen course date and the course is running. It is not possible to change course dates within 8 weeks of course commencement. There is a £150.00 administration fee and we only allow 1 course date change per student.

10. Cancellation due to being unable to travel due to sickness or weather

We will always do our very best to make up time during the week if students are late due to un foreseen weather conditions or illness or unable to travel. If students miss the entire course due to last minute illness or the inability to travel due to weather conditions we will book you onto another course. You will be responsible for all cancellation and curtailment costs including hotel accommodation, additional travel costs, the rebooking of hotel rooms and travel arrangements. We will assist wherever possible and book you onto our next suitable course. If you are upgrading we will invoice you for any balance and this must be paid 4 weeks before new course commencement.

11. Cancellation. Contract cooling off period

In accordance with the law, you have a 14 day ‘cooling off period’ from the date you booked your course either verbally or in writing or booked online in which you have the right to cancel your purchase and receive a full refund. You do not need to give a reason for cancelling your purchase. We are obliged to refund your payment in full within 30 days of your notice of cancellation which must be made in writing. Should you wish to cancel your purchase within the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, please call 01462431112 or email .

Please note and familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy prior to booking and if any doubt speak to us before reserving your place. The cooling off period begins on the day we enter into a contract with you and you formally request to book onto our course and reserve a place. We do our best to avoid unnecessary disputes so if any doubt please check with us first prior to booking  onto a course.

Once you have began training we are unable to offer any refund even if your first day of training is within the cooling off period. With any online courses we are unable to refund any course fees once you have been enrolled onto the course. This is the point when you receive emailed confirmation from our training department you have paid your course fees and deposit and been enrolled onto your selected course.

Where multi module courses are booked the cooling off period for all of the modules / parts of the course begins on the first day of booking the first course or module. Where multi course parts and modules are booked the cancellation period begins on the first day of booking for the first course for all courses.

12. In the event of cancellation by the NLP Coaching Company

We will always aim to run our courses as advertised however we reserve the right to cancel any events, webinars, courses as and when circumstances arise outside of our control. Where an event is undersubscribed the NLP Coaching Company team reserve the right to give you a choice of the  following

  • Advise you and offer you the training via 121 or small groups.
  • Book you onto the next scheduled course
  • Allow you to upgrade your course and pay any difference in course fees
  • Change the course venue to  support the needs of 121 training or a small group.

13. Course sizes

Your learning experience is our priority. We work on a strict trainer to student span of control / ratio of 1 to 12. Therefore course groups tend to be small and focused. Some other providers run large audiences of delegates and can deliver a stage / show style course. Ours is focused learning ensuring each delegate receives the appropriate level of course input and training.

Optimum course numbers are between 8 and 12 students however course numbers can vary in size. As we teach in small groups and run monthly courses we always guarantee to run all our scheduled courses.

Unlike other course providers that cancel courses when the courses are not full our courses will always run as planned, as so not to affect the learning and development plans of our delegates. Even if this means working 121 we will ensure we deliver on our promise. In these circumstances we reserve the right to change the course venue to our head offices, 200 yards from the Sun hotel, or The Hertfordshire Therapy Centre, Welwyn Garden City and allocate 1 trainer to the course. This enables all scheduled courses to always run as planned even with small numbers.


14. Confidentiality and Copyright.

We reserve the right to use any photos, video clips, testimonials, that are obtained upon the course. If you are unhappy about pictures or testimonials being used after the course simply let us know and we will respect your wishes. We will always check with you.

All course material, manuals, videos, documentation is the property of the life practice group and you are prohibited from using any of our material without gaining our permission first

15. Free Post Course Support Integrated Diploma

We offer all students a free post course 121 with lead trainer Mark Shields to check on your progress and also make ourselves available in the 3 months following the course to answer any questions you have as you begin to start your journey as a practicing professional. For students requiring focused business support we offer a priority place on our 121 Cam Coach Mentoring Program. Click here for details

16. Online Courses

To book onto our online courses you will need to either pay your fees in full or pay a 25% non refundable deposit. Depending where you live in the world you can access our online courses and make payment in UK GBP, USA American dollar and Europe payment in euros.

Once you have paid your course fees in full you will gain access to your chosen course. Our online booking system ensures you automatically agree to our course terms and conditions at the point of booking onto any of our courses.

Please ensure you are happy with our terms and conditions prior to booking onto any of our online courses. Any questions please discuss with Mark or Karen Shields prior to booking.

We always recommend you have an emergency fund in place of at least 6 months salary before taking on any financial commitments especially for those students paying in instalments via teachable. Please also ensure you read and understand teachables FAQS in full before booking a course, as they are unable to offer any refunds or payment holidays once you have enrolled.

If you pay your course fees in full at the commencement of your course our terms and conditions will apply from the moment you pay your course fees in full and enter the course.

If you choose to pay by instalments full course accreditation will only be granted once you have paid your course fees in full.

Teachable offer a maximum of 6 monthly instalments free of charge. If you default against your payment plan the life practice academy reserve the right to withdraw your online learning platform. Where you do choose to pay by instalments we require a deposit of 25% and your first payment to grant course access. This deposit is non refundable. Part 2 of the course will be accessible once the second instalment is paid.

We thoroughly recommend you complete a full personal financial health check and ensure you have at least 6 months salary as a reserve to act as an emergency fund should any unforeseen problems arise.

We recommend you have this emergency fund in place prior to booking any course with us, especially for online and international students, as teachable do not offer a cancellation policy or payment holidays due to their payments terms being only 6 months.

For international and students paying in instalments via teachable please ensure you have sufficient funds in place to take care of personal emergencies, redundancy and any unexpected financial burdens etc for at least 6 months as teachable do not offer any cancellation or payment breaks. If in any doubt please call us on 01462431112 to discuss prior to booking to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

17. Money Back Guarantee – Online and Face to Face Courses

If you change your mind and decide you want to cancel your course after booking we will offer a full refund within 14 days of your original purchase. We do not offer any refunds where you have paid your course fees, the course has been accessed or you have commenced the program.

The 540GBP is not refundable due to materials accessed during the cooling off period.

We reserve the right to add modules to your selected course,post your enrolment but will always give you the option to include this in your existing course syllabus or not depending on your preference. We guarantee to write to you within 4 weeks of any changes.

When booking online courses directly through teachable please note their FAQS and terms of business that will apply to your booking.

If you decide to formally end the contract that you have entered into with us any outstanding course fees will fall due with immediate effect and must be settled within 14 days of the contract cessation.

18. Course Assessments

We assess all our students via observation and role play throughout your time with us. We benchmark standards of performance against the UK’S National Occupational Standards across our course core competencies.

Assessments on our face to face training are modular and conducted via role play and case study. If a student is absent for part of a module and we are unable to evidence competent sign off, the student will be required to attend a further assessment day to be arranged with the course supervisor. There will be a charge of 95.00 for a further assessment.

19. Existing Health Conditions When Booking.

Please take any into consideration any existing long term health condition before booking onto any of our courses. We run small groups of delegates and to protect this we have a strict cancellation policy in place that may effect you if your condition worsens.

If you have any reservations about your health, especially long term conditions such as ME, CFS, or long term PTSD, abuse and trauma symptoms, please consider your health seriously before you book.

Please make yourself aware of our cancellation and refund policy. If you opt to pay by instalments and are unwell  you will still be liable for your fees.

As with all bookings our recommendations are you have a minimum of six months money in the bank to act as an emergency fund. See point 1.

If your situation deteriorates we may be unable to offer you a refund due to the cancellation policy we have in place to protect the course and remaining groups of students.

We all want to avoid these situations so our advice is if in any doubt do not commit to a course and seek the advice of a GP.

Where someone suffers with a long term health ailment if their health worsens in the lead up to the course we will always do our best to re allocate you a space on a future course where we can.

We will require evidence of a doctors certificate where transfer due to illness is cited.


Academy Course Core Competencies

1. CORE KNOWLEDGE – This module explores the theoretical and practical basis of your chosen coaching modality in modern psychology.
TOPICS INCLUDE – This is a multi modality – multi certification training which means we certify a number of different coaching modalities all within the same course.

The number of modalities covered depends upon the level of program you are taking. E.G Whether it is a introduction, foundation, practitioner or mastery level course.

This will give you a powerful range of skills, a competitive edge commercially and most importantly the ability to achieve great results with your clients. The basic principles of clinical and applied psychology are also discussed including the significance of particular clients and client programs.

The modules include an overview of the history, psychological research, skill sets and methodologies in your chosen modality. Our Wellness modules cover nutritional medicine and practice, health coaching, behavioural science, health testing, human givens psychology, the hierarchy of human values and needs driven psychological approaches. Mental health modules include health testing, the role of medication, stress management, emotional resilience, behavioural change interventions.

2.CLINICAL APPLICATION – This module explores the clinical application, treatment, outcome focused client approaches, interventions, client programs and behaviour change solutions within your chosen modality.

TOPICS INCLUDE – Integrative multi psychological approaches, multi certification training modules, cognitive theories of learning, the client journey, managing the therapeutic relationship, client consultation programs and processes, the client contract, gaining client trust and confidence, clinic operational programs, psychology in application, theory and practice psychology in practice, the professional practitioner principles and theory multi modality modules.

3.CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Maintaining your skills and keeping your knowledge up to date.

TOPICS INCLUDE – What is CPD, impact, benefit, action, structured post course CPD plans, extensive post course CPD modules, ongoing student support program, long term student mentoring, life time access to modules, support student groups, expert social media groups, free training days, face to face practice groups.

4.COMPLIANCE GOVERNANCE AND RISK – Industry protection of the public and practitioner.

TOPICS INCLUDE – Voluntary regulation, statutory regulation, the role of the PSA, codes of conduct, the role of the ASA, adhering to practitioner proficiencies and regulatory standards, regulatory clinic standards, the role of professional bodies, the practitioners guide to governance and risk, protecting your self and your practice.

5.CAM MARKETPLACE (Complementary and alternative) A complete high level view of the CAM workplace and the roles of the practitioners, therapists, coaches and health specialists that work within it.

TOPICS INCLUDE – Talking therapies and their role today as a medical alternative, joint ventures, competitor analysis, cross referrals, the functional medicine model, benchmarking services and charges, importance of USP’S, clinical SLAS, building meaningful professional relationships, NHS and conventional treatment, CAM marketplace and your role within it.

6.NATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS – Ensures our students receive the highest standards of training and achieve the highest levels of proficiency and competency when attending any of our courses.

TOPICS INCLUDE – All of our courses follow the Principles of Good Practice that are underpinned by the UK’S National Occupational Standards (NOS) and describe the ways in which practitioners should demonstrate appropriate levels of competency and best practice across all of their work.

7.CLIENT SATISFACTION – Ensures our students provide the highest level of professional services to all their clients and meet regulatory guidelines and best practice principles.

Modules also provide you with an understanding of how to run an ethical therapeutic practice, and help you in considering the impact of the decisions you make upon your clients, the wider public, your professional organisations and yourself.

TOPICS INCLUDE – The client journey, client service level agreements, the therapeutic relationship, professional ethics and client integrity, managing the client relationship, building long term relationships, client contracting. Importance of client feedback, getting great results with your clients, practitioner code of conduct, the complaints procedure, the client contract.

8. ONGOING SUPERVISION – The merits, benefits, importance and seeking out an appropriate supervisor.

TOPICS INCLUDE – The role of the supervisor, benefits of supervision, finding the right supervisor or coach.

9.ONLINE TRAINING – A series of educational and vocational online training courses accessible anywhere in the world. All courses ensure the highest standards of learning, course content, diverse modules in the theory, practice and clinical application of your chosen coaching modality.

Each course contains lectures, video skill sets, downloadable hand outs and work books, course case studies, topic dissertations, course exercises, section assessments and a live face to face assessment process, full graduation and your ACCPH diploma and accreditation.

Our professional practitioner range of courses all include our world renowned CAM COACH Business building modules in how to set up and sustain a successful practice based upon the best selling business book of the same name.

TOPICS INCLUDE – Modern psychology in practice, the professional practitioner principles, theory and clinical application, learning theory and practical application, applying modern psychology to your own life, human givens psychology, multi modality modules, behavioural science, professional ethics client integrity, the client session, managing the client relationship, business set up modules, post course mentoring and support.

10. MANAGING YOUR PERSONAL STRESS – Learning the importance of managing your personal stress, managing your time, avoid overload and understanding the benefits of having your own coach and mentor.

TOPICS INLUDE – Applying the strategies in your own life, learning a blue print for success in the 4 areas of lifestyle, human givens psychology and application, action planning, outcome focused objectives, self analysis of needs beliefs and values, the life plan, eradicating limiting beliefs. The 5 BIG Strategies to change your life.

11. BUSINESS BUILDING – How to set up and sustain a successful. Based upon the best selling business bible for practitioners the CAM COACH

We offer two business building courses based upon our CAM COACH business model for coaches and practitioners. These courses are automatically included in each of our complete professional practitioner mastery courses and can also be purchased alongside any of our other courses

TOPICS INCLUDE – Over 30 lectures, business start up modules, the first 2 years in private practice, how to attract and retain quality clients, regulation, self employed, partnership or limited company, accounting procedures, online and offline marketing, social media, website, SEO and PPC advertising, top tips from the worlds most successful practitioners, business modules for new and existing professional practitioners, setting up your private practice – the right time, full or part time, top tips from the worlds greatest coaches.

21. Performance Standards

If a student fails to meet the required standard and the trainers feel they are unable to sign off competency on the last day of the course, a development plan will be issued with areas of development and required improvement explained to the student in full.

22. Obtaining our Course Brochure

You can download our course brochure from our website. We will ask you to register your email address however phone numbers are optional as we will only call you if you give us permission.

23. Life Practice Life Partner

We firmly believe NLP skills need ongoing maintenance so therefore are proud to offer all delegates the option of becoming a Life Practice Life Partner. This means you can attend future NLP Practitioner Courses as our guest, once you have successfully attended and passed our NLP Practitioner Course “Get the life you want” or our Integrated NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching Diploma. This is subject to availability and space, first time paying delegates will always take priority.

The same applies to delegates joining us from our online academy.

24. Early Bird Discounts – Updated November 2017

We offer an Early Bird Course Price on all our courses. To qualify you need to pay the Early Bird price in full at least 100 days prior to the course start date. From time to time at the company’s discretion the Early Bird offer may be extended to some promotional campaigns or partnerships.

25. Scholarships

We offer 4 Scholarships per year of up to 35%. This apply’s to our NLP Practitioner Course and Life Coaching Intensive, Hypnotherapy Bridge and Part 1 the Practitioner level of our Integrated NLP, Hypnotherapy Coaching Diploma. This doesn’t apply where students are utilising early bird and bundled course discounts

26. Refreshments

We supply refreshments in the way of tea, coffee during our mid-afternoon break. Water is available throughout the day. Lunch is excluded.

27. Course Code of Conduct & Behaviour

We expect delegates to behave professionally when attending any of our courses. Complaints from hotel staff or fellow delegates will be investigated and may result in you being asked to leave the course. In these circumstances no refund of course fees will be given. If you also decide to leave during a course we are unable to offer any refund of course fees. If you are experiencing difficulty whilst attending the course please speak to one of the course trainers who will be happy to help. It is the delegates responsibility to complete all pre course work and be in a position to take part in course role plays, skill sets, skill evaluation and class discussions. If the delegate chooses not to contribute to in class activities, or is absent, or late for classes the NLP Coaching Company cannot be held responsible for any detrimental impact on individual student learning outcomes. It is the sole responsibility of the delegate to book and settle all hotel bills and personal expenses and refreshments before checking out.

28. Pre-Training Course Consultation

In order to make sure the course is right for the delegate, we offer a free face to face pre-training course consultation with Mark Shields, the lead trainer so you can ask any questions.

29. Who to contact for help before, during and after the course

We are always available to discuss any aspects of your training and pre-course work, please call us on 01462 431112 or email to set up a call.

30. Sharing of personal information and on course exercises and coaching sessions.

You will have the opportunity to take part in on course exercises and practice of the techniques taught on the course. Please make sure you are happy to share information and if in any doubt about what to volunteer for check with our trainers. Please ensure you only volunteer for practice sessions and on course demonstrations if you are happy to. Our trainers where  time allows may work with you 121 at your request. The nature of our work includes hypnotherapy and NLP where fast and rapid change can be achieved. Rapid change can provoke emotional instability and leave students feeling volatile and unstable for a period of time following the session. This is also common when working with clients using clinical hypnosis and NLP. Please only request 121 work or for practice sessions after you have considered the outcomes and consequences seriously. The NLP Coaching company assumes no responsibility in these circumstances.

31. Complaints Procedure

We are accredited trainers for The British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners. If you feel the need to complain please contact Lesley Barker at We would always ask you approach us first as we will try our very best to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction. As of 1/1/16 we have been trading for 10 years and pride ourselves on being complaint free.

32. Certification and Accreditation

The Life Practice Group and NLP Coaching Company are trainer members of The British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotherapists and The General Hypnotherapy Register for Hypnotherapists and NLP Professionals. In addition the Association of NLP will allow students to join their membership body from our course as practising professional NLP Professionals. This is because our course meets their criteria for face to face training hours.

All of our online diploma courses are fully accredited by ACPPH Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists to level 3 OFQUAL Diploma in NLP and Life Coaching ( OFQUAL awarding body of the Open & Distance Learning Quality Council )

The NLP Coaching Company is part of the Life Practice Group and all trainings advertised via either the NLP Coaching Company Ltd or Life Practice UK Ltd are administered and delivered through the NLP Coaching Company. Please note: All training courses advertised on this website are administered by our sister company the NLP Coaching Company.

33. Changing Your Course Date or Type of course

We are very flexible as we understand our students needs are forever changing. We will allow our students to defer their course to another date, change the course they are on, or simply change the date of their training. Due to the small numbers we train we are unable to allow any changes or transfer of dates within 8 weeks of the course commencement as this could impact on other students. We do charge a 150.00 admin fee for all changes to cover the administrative costs involved. When changing from a scheduled course to an online course you must commence your online program and pay any outstanding course fees within 4 weeks of your original course date. In addition any additional fees will need to be settled prior to commencement

34. Pre Course Work

You will be emailed your pre course work, course manuals, workbooks, course maps, course handouts and course videos upon booking and the full completion of a course application form. It is your sole responsibility to complete your course work in full prior to your attendance. We offer a free pre course 121 to all our students. If you are in any doubt about pre course requirements please raise at your pre course 121, call us on 01462431112 or email us at . If you fail to complete your course work and this impacts on other students you may be asked to leave the course. In these circumstances you will not receive any refund of course fees. We may try and book you on another course to give you more time to complete the pre course work and requirements however each case will taken on its merits.

Our main aim is to create the best delegate learning experience possible so if any doubt about any of the above please give us a call on 01462431112

35. Please note

The NLP Coaching Co is part of the Life Practice UK Group and all awards and certification has been gained via the LPUKA as the NLP Coaching Co is the training arm and sister company of the Life Practice UK

The NLP Coaching co de registered from VAT 1/3/19

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