Hypnotherapy Training Bridge

Course Details

Qualification obtained
Hypnotherapy Training A diploma in clinical hypnotherapy

Course Venue
The Sun Hotel Hitchin / Life Practice Head Office

Course Trainers
Tracey Baum and Mark Shields

Course Training hours
3 full days – 25  face to face training hours
PLUS 50 correspondence training hours

Course Certification
This course is certified by the NLPCC and contains the valid 75 CPD hours for regulatory accreditation.

Course Overview

This course offers a standalone foundation level diploma in clinical hypnosis. The course is focused on teaching the delegate the hypnosis skill set including induction, deepeners, direct suggestions, mental rehearsal and the post hypnotic suggestion. A full list of the course itinerary is listed below. Upon completion of the course we would expect students to be able to conduct a basic hypnotherapy session unaided.

In addition for those students looking to complete mastery level training via our Integrated NLP Hypnotherapy and Coaching Diploma and have completed our NLP Practitioner Course “GET THE LIFE YOU WANT“ this course will give you the modules you need to progress direct to Mastery level training. This course will also accredit accrued hours and valid CPD to be transferred onto further training courses within the Life Practice Group

Course Content

  • The hypnosis session
  • Setting the scene
  • Susceptibility tests
  • Creating the right environment
  • The hypnotic induction
  • Use of music
  • Dave Ellman
  • Deepening the trance
  • The power of suggestion
  • Hypnotic language
  • Direct and indirect – use of metaphors
  • Suggestions and affirmations
  • The use of anchors in hypnosis
  • Mental rehearsal
  • Future pacing
  • PFP – changing personal history
  • Awakening and the post hypnotic suggestion
Why train with us?

Mark and his team are known internationally as behavioural change experts, with regular appearances in the media, TV and Radio. They have over 1,000 articles published and a best selling NLP book to their credit. They have been successfully running NLP training courses for over 10 years and have certified thousands of students from all parts of the globe. Their courses are often described as motivational, inspirational, life changing and fun. Come and join us on a journey of personal development and self discovery you will never forget.

Are the courses certified?

Yes, you will receive a Certified Life Coaching and NLP Practitioner certificate which will enable you to join ANLP Association of NLP, the UK’S largest NLP professional membership body as a practising professional and BathH, the UK’S oldest professional body, if you choose. This will mean your qualifications will be recognised worldwide.

Interest-free payment plans

You can split your course fees and pay by monthly installments, up to 12 months completely free of charge. At the time of booking we take a 25% deposit and your first payment.

Venue – residential or commute?

The Sun Hotel, Hitchin – 20 Minutes from London Kings Cross Station. £55 bed and breakfast. Call 01462 436411. Discounted rooms for course delegates. Early booking recommended.

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Course Cost: £697 + VAT per delegate
Course Brochure
Course Brochure
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Course Dates
Mon 18 Sep 2017 - Wed 20 Sep 2017
The Sun Hotel, Hitchin
Mon 4 Dec 2017 - Wed 6 Dec 2017
The Sun Hotel, Hitchin
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Phil Spencer