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The Complete Professional Practitioner in Life Coaching

Welcome to our Complete Professional Practitioner range of courses.We have called these courses “the Complete professional Practitioner range “as they do what is says on the tin. Course packages boast a dynamic course syllabus which include a balanced combination of modules in the theory, practice and application of your chosen coaching modality Our unique approach means you will experience full tutor support, a stimulating learning experience, full accreditation and sign off and proven business building modules which will help you set up your dream coaching business upon course completion.

Educational and Vocational Courses for Professionals




“I am so pleased I found the course, it has changed my life and transformed the results I get with my clients, brilliant”

Doctor Mitsurah Bello PHD



All our courses offer this consistent, balanced approach and the core competencies are the same for every course.


Our core competencies are

  1. Core knowledge
  2. Clinical application
  3. Continuing Professional Development
  4. Compliance, Governance and Risk
  5. CAM Marketplace
  6. National Occupational Standards
  7. Business Set Up
  8. Client Satisfaction
  9. Ongoing Supervision


This course is truly unique and offers delegates a step by step approach combining clear lessons, written exercises, self-assessments, video demonstrations and downloadable handouts all included on our online platform.

Our life coaching complete professional practitioner course is completed from the comfort of your own home or office, and gives you a world-class learning experience.
The course is split into 9 parts as follows:

  1. All the facts about the number 1 life coaching strategy NLP and why it is considered the world’s most powerful coaching strategy.
  2. A personal module dedicated entirely to applying life-changing Life Coaching techniques to your own life giving you a blue print for success.
  3. How to use Life Coaching and NLP to coach others, including a full library of videos so you have your own copy of the top six NLP Life Coaching techniques to keep forever and watch whenever you want to.
  4. The Role of Nutrition and Wellbeing
  5. A full module dedicated to Clinical Hypnotherapy one of the most popular life coaching behavioural change techniques,including theory, practice and clinical application.
  6. The BIG 5 life coaching popular life coaching programmes to use with professional clients.
  7. Building Your Dream Life Coaching Business
  8. Different psychological approaches to Life Coaching
  9. Explains how to attend any one of our quarterly assessment days where you can be signed off as competent with regards to Life Coaching techniques using a “live” client case study. Part 9 will also teach you how you can advance your learning further. Each section has a multi choice exam and you will write a course dissertation as you progress through the course that you will send into your tutor for marking. This combined with our face to face assessment completes our full assessment process. This course includes the following


  • 450 hours of home study
  • Over 50 lessons
  • Course Manuals and Handouts
  • Personal Assessments
  • Written assignments and exercises
  • Course Dissertations tutor marking and feedback
  • Skill Set Video Techniques
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Tutor Support
  • Bonus – Free 2 day attendance on any of our face to face training
  • Live case study assessment, feedback and action plan
  • We recommend 12 months course completion time for the part time student


A Truly Unique Learning Experience

“I designed this course specifically for students looking for a very unique learning experience, combining an online educational platform with professional qualifications and a deep, structured and meaningful course syllabus. I believe this course fills this space, providing delegates with a recognised multi – certification training, and a doorway, to an exciting new and rewarding career”


Mark Shields Founder and Author

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Course Brochure
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“Went way above and beyond. Really enjoyed it.”
Anne Thomas