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Health Coach Diploma Level 5

Are you passionate about health, wellness, and helping others. Would you like to have a positive impact on peoples health and lives whilst earning a living at the same time? £2396.00

If yes read on…

Become a Professional Health Coach

Health coaching is the use of evidence – based skilful coaching techniques, clinical interventions and strategies to actively and safely engage client patients in health behaviour change. We uniquely combine your background and skills, with our expertise, so together we can turn your passion into a career you’ll love.

Start your new career immediately upon course completion

Our 12 – 24 month curriculum combines everything you would expect from a premium health coach training program, plus cutting edge insights from health and personal development, nutrition, human potential development and behaviour change psychology.

Health coaches are becoming more and more popular in the UK and in some NHS regions are being piloted supporting NHS GP’S coaching patients to optimum health. 

  • Health Coaching Level 5 Dip Modules include
  • Health biology
  • Body systems (with a special focus on the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems)
  • Biology and common pathologies
  • The four pillars of health
  • Dietary interventions
  • The psychology of eating
  • The importance of sleep and physical activity
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Reducing your toxic load
  • Basic herbal medicine
  • Health coach in practice
  • Health coaching consultation
  • The big 5 nutrition case studies
  • The role of supplements,
  • Useful blood markers, the role of health testing, nutrition and regulation and much much more…

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This course is ideal for students looking:

  • For a professional diploma in health coaching combining theory, core knowledge and clinical application.
  • To become a professional health coach and enjoy a career change helping transform peoples lives.
  • To benefit from industry leading dual accreditation being able to join the UK’S leading professional membership body the ACCPH, Accredited Counsellors, Coaches
  • Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists who base their criteria on OFQUAL standards and markers. You can also join the NNA as a Nutrition Coach.
  • To benefit from the world class CAM COACH success in business courses included within this diploma to help you set up your business
  • To learn in their own time and at their own pace FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
  • To learn the blueprint for success to change your life and the lives of others.
  • To add health coaching to an existing Therapeutic Skill Set.
  • To begin practising professionally as a fully qualified competent and confident Health Coach immediately upon course completion.

This course includes the following:

  • 1000 hours of home study. 800 Hours health coaching. 200 Hours Business Development.
  • Over 100 lessons
  • Course Manuals and Handouts
  • Personal Assessments
  • Written assignments and exercises
  • Course Dissertation, tutor marking and feedback
  • Skill Set Video Techniques
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Live case study assessment, feedback and action plan – Optional
  • We recommend 12 months’ course completion time
  • ACCPH LEVEL 5, NNA professional membership under application. – LPUKA
  • Certification to full practitioner level
  • Option to join our graduate affiliate program.
  • Free 12 month payment plans

Full course details and info click here