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Create the Perfect Coaching Business with the UK’S N01 The CAM Coach – Business Creator

Our online Success in Business online course is based upon 10 years of research and study, our best selling book THE CAM COACH and successfully mentoring many hundreds of Coaches and therapists over many years with a 100% track record of success.

We know the secrets, top tips and success strategies used by the world’s leading coaches and therapists. We have captured and packaged everything we have learned into THIS ONLINE BUSINESS COURSE for therapists, unlike anything else found in the world today

The advantage of online learning is that it is an affordable form of education, as there no travel or accommodation costs and logistically people can learn from the comfort of their own home and pick up valuable CPD points at the same time

Our new “Success in Business” online course does just that. It consists of eleven lessons specifically designed to improve success within your CAM Business or Clinic. Each lesson will be presented through video format with additional pdfs by our two trainers Mark Shields and Karen Shields.

Our programmes are based upon a combination of extension research, regular feedback and our own experience of engaging with thousands of CAM Practitioners all over the world mentoring them to achieve unprecedented results never seen before in the CAM industry

Please be aware as you proceed through the course we refer to clinical hypnotherapists, NLP Coaches, Life Coaches, Nutritional Coaches and EFT Practitioners as CAM Practitioners or simply Practitioners. This is the industry name for them and simply means Practitioners in Complementary Alternative Medical Practitioners.


Course Fees  £247.00




  • ”Helped me establish the UK’S most successful business of its kind in the UK
    Oliver Barnett – Founding Partner London Clinic of Nutrition“
  • “This  course is the Perfect Business Bible and every therapist needs one” Jay Firmager. Owner, Holistic Therapist Magazine 
  • “Essential Reading for students on our degree program” – Shirley Briars, Lecturer 
  • “Are an integral part of the entrepreneurial module at the Institute of Health Sciences” Suzanne Laurie, Academic Director , IHS 
  • “A NO1  best seller”  NutriCentre Book Shop
  • “Are now an integral part of University & College Programs UK & Ireland” – NTOI