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Free Price Comparisons from UK’S leading NLP learning providers including training direct from the source:

We believe it is important for all students to be in as informed position as possible to make the best choices they can, when finding a training provider. Out of respect for the co founders of NLP we have enclosed below details of their current training schedule  together with other leading traning providers so you are aware you can attend a course with founders Richard Bandler and John Grimder if you choose.

All of the information published  can currently be found in the public domaine and is currently available to the public from individual learning provider websites and published data on such sites.

Dates and prices may change and we would advise you to check with your chosen provider current prices and fees.

  • People Building NLP Practitioner 7 day £3600 including 7 hour online training and vat
  • Toby and Kate Mccartney NLP Practitioner 6 day training £3000.00 plus vat. Offer free training weekend.
  • The NLP Coaching Company. NLP Practitioner 6 day £1497.00 Early Bird. £1697.00 full course investment. All prices excluding VAT
  • NLP Life. NLP Training direct from the source. Richard Bandler. £2127.00 early bird. £2700.00 full course price. NLP Practitioner 7 day practitioner
  • Mike Sweet NLP 8 day Practitioner £2395-00 Mastery £2995-00
  • NLP Academy. John Grinder direct from the source.  13 day NLP Practitioner £1799 early bird. £3078.00 plus vat
  • Auspicium 7 day NLP Practitioner £2499.00 including vat
  • Performance Partnership. 7 day NLP Practitioner £2497.00 early bird £3720.00 inclusive of vat
  • Inspire 360 7 day NLP Practitioner Training £1350.00 plus vat
  • JS NLP  12 Day NLP Practitioner £2000.00 full cost vat undisclosed
  • Advantage Women £2500.00   7 day NLP Practitioner  vat undisclosed.
  • Field and Field 8 day NLP Practitioner £1995.00 including vat
  • The Coaching Academy 6 day life coaching £3997.00 plus VAT
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