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5 Day NLP for Business

Course Cost: £1,950.00 per delegate
Deposit: £500 per delegate

Whatever your title is within the business; sales, negotiation, marketing and leadership will feature either implicitly or explicitly within your role. Your ability to lead defines how far you progress in your organisation, your ability to sell defines not only how much business you can attract but how well you sell your ideas to colleagues and managers.

You will learn:

  • Top tips of our HPO (High Performing Organisation model) and implement an HPO in your own business
  • Inspire and motivate individuals and teams to reach their fullest potential and build a competitive advantage
  • Learn new skills and strategies that ensure all staff unlock their full potential and learn to perform at their very best
  • Learn how to create a meritocracy culture
  • Understand key strategies to ensure employee wellbeing at work and improve staff motivation, attrition and proficiency
  • Gain NLP skills for high performance, sales and service
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